The naturally occurring insulation that canines have is in the form of a thick, downy undercoat. In the winter, this helps keep them warm, and in the summer, it helps them avoid overheating.

During the winter months, however, if we lend our domesticated dogs just a little bit of assistance, we may make their life that much more bearable for them.

There are many different kinds of coats that may be manufactured to order for dogs, and they are available in a wide variety of cuts, sizes, and colours. There are also jackets that are created specifically to be warm and waterproof, which will keep your dog dry whenever they go for a stroll outside.

Humble Pink Woolly Jumper

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Best Pink Woolly Jumper For Dogs

Best dog sweater! – This is pretty easy to put on, turtleneck and sleeves. It is good for chilly winter days in the house but not warm enough for the really cold New England Winter potty breaks. Wind and cold will go through the knit to her skin easily. It would work for chilly Spring and Fall days in the 50’s/60’s. you like it!

The most versatile piece of doggy clothing though, is the humble pink woolly jumper.  They are so versatile because even though they are not waterproof, they are not only suitable to wear for outdoor use, but are also great for indoors. 

The pink woolly jumper has no metal clips, zips or steel fasteners that can pose a risk of injury to your dog.  They are made with nothing but wool so they can be left on your dog for an extended period of time, unlike the rain coat which should be removed as soon as you are back indoors.

The pink woolly jumper has the added advantage that due to the wool used; it has a bit of a stretch to it.  This means that it moulds to your dog’s contour making it super comfortable to wear.  Because it is a loose fit it will also not become useless if your dog picks up or loses a bit of weight.

If you buy a good quality pink woolly jumper you will be able to put it in the washing machine with normal washing.  Dry it lying flat as per drying instructions with other woolly items.

Disadvantages Of The Woolly Jumper

The only disadvantage is that it is not waterproof and thus will not help to keep your dog dry on a rainy day.  You will have to dress up with a raincoat instead.

What If My Dog Is Not Used To Wearing A Wolly Jumper?

Like all new things, your dog will have to be conditioned or trained to help them to get use to and love their jumpers.  If they are not use to it, it will be very strange at first.  Chose a day when a warm woolly jumper will be welcome.  Put it on, leave it on for a few seconds and take it off again.  You can gradually increase the time the woolly jumper stays on until your dog is comfortable and happy to run around in their outfit like a second skin.

Where To Buy A Lovely Pink Woolly Jumper?

There are plenty of online doggy boutique stores.  You will have to measure the neck and body circumference of your dog to pick the right size.  Sizes generally start at a XXS or a size 8 and will go all the way up to giant size.

Are We Being Cruel By Dressing Our Dogs In Woolly Jumpers?

For those who still cannot fathom the idea of a dog wearing a jumper I say: if horses in the fields wear coats and they are not even domesticated in the sense that they live indoors, why should our canines put up with any fewer comforts? In fact, the dogs that are used to wearing their pink woolly jumpers actually really love it…if you don’t believe it you will have to see it for yourself!

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