Dogs Will Not Max Out Your Credit Cards.

Aside from the collar you choose for them, they don’t need any further bling-bling. Flowers and greeting cards are of no benefit to them. If you purchase them toys and goodies that they don’t even expect you to buy for them, they don’t care if you buy them from a charity store since they are still happy.

They Are Very Cheap Dates

Dogs have no qualms about sharing the leftovers from your dinner plate. Not only that, but they aren’t expecting lobster and aren’t going to complain about your lack of culinary abilities. Dogs are excellent travelling companions.

Don’t Matter Where You Tell Them To Sit…They Are The Best Back Seat Drivers And The Best Passenger Seat Companion Ever.

They don’t object to your choice of music or the volume at which it is played. No matter how much you love your dog, he will never insist on you turning on the air conditioner or the heater or telling you to shut the window. In fact, they like riding in the back of a pickup truck with the windows down and the radio turned up. But, most importantly, they understand why you will never, ever stop to ask for directions, and they believe you are the finest driver on the planet.

They Like When You Smell Funny

Even though you smell like another dog, your dog enjoys it when you make a different scent on him. They do not go insane if they detect the scent of another dog on you. They just think to themselves: “Oh, that’s intriguing; I wonder where he went!”

Dogs Don’t Mind When Or Why You Are Late

They always seem to be delighted to meet you. No matter what time of day or night it is, they are always there to meet you at the front entrance. In the event that you are late, your dog will never give up. In fact, the later you arrive, the more delighted they are to see you and the more enthusiastically you are received by your hosts. No one expects you to call and give them reasons for your tardiness. Alternatively, you might bring flowers while you are there.

Dogs Do Not Hate Their Bodies.

They have no concerns about their appearance, and they are always in good form. And if they aren’t, it won’t take more than a couple of weeks to get them into better form. They don’t spend hours in front of the mirror comparing themselves to other people in movies, as some people believe. They don’t constantly inquire as to whether or whether they seem overweight, unattractive, or spotty.

funny dog

They Don’t Mind Uninvited Guests

No matter what time of day it is, your dogs will be delighted to see your guests. They also adore all of your friends and family members.

Dogs Like Other Dogs

Pets aren’t bothered by the fact that you used to have older dogs. They will overlook the fact that you were playing with unfamiliar canines or even with your friend’s dog. If another dog is attractive, your dog will not dislike it and will not attempt to bite it. Additionally, your dog will not notice if you call it by the name of another dog.

Dogs Don’t Have Any Family Issues.

Your dog leaves the nest when he or she is ten weeks old and does not have a frantic mother yelling his or her name. Dogs don’t have relatives that you dread having to see. If your dog has puppies, you may advertise in the newspaper that they are available for adoption or, even better, that you are selling them. It is quite improbable that your dog will outlive you, and when your dog reaches an advanced age, you should consider putting it to sleep to save its life.

They Don’t Care What Way You Are Looking

Your dog will never believe that he is deserving of a more attractive owner. They accept you for who you are and are not restricted by any criteria of love. Your dog believes that you are perfect in your own skin and that you are really fantastic exactly the way you are. Dogs will adore you no matter what you do.

Dogs Don’t Expect You To Have Manners.

If you fart, they will want to smell it, and if they fart, you will find it amusing to watch. When you are intoxicated, your dog will see it as a game. They will not be offended if you pee outdoors; in fact, they will understand that a guy must do what a man must do. They’ll see that it has everything to do with territory and will comprehend. Oh, and it’s OK to pee on the floor under certain circumstances.

They Don’t Expect You To Keep The House Or Yourself Tidy

When you leave objects laying around on the ground, dogs go crazy over them. It is also necessary for them for you to leave the toilet seat up in order for them to drink from the bowl. Once a month, a bath is quite acceptable.

They Don’t Talk

Dogs will never, ever feel the need to express their feelings about you or your relationship. They are OK with the situation as it is. A dog will not wake you up in the middle of the night to inquire as to whether or not you would want another dog if I were to die before you. Dogs don’t carry grudges, and they are very understanding of the fact that you have to raise your voice the majority of the time in order to get your message through. Dogs are loyal

Dogs Will Never Try And Sleep With Your Friends.  

Another man will hardly ever steal your dog even if you have a nice dog.

They Enjoy Heavy Petting In Public

When it comes to dogs, public displays of love are always appreciated, no matter where they occur or who is watching. It is possible that a dog will be content for you to put on a black stud collar and leash without calling you a pervert and abandoning you. It is permissible to keep a dog tied outdoors in most situations.

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