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Tips for the best preparation for moving a kitten into your home

Once the decision has been made that you want to get one or more cats, the question probably comes up quickly: “What things do I actually need for the initial equipment for my cat/s?

In this article, you will learn what belongs to the absolute essential equipment, which things are optional, what you can get later, which products I recommend and what you should look for.

Transport Box for Cats

Some fresh cat owners already notice if they want to take their baby cat with them to their homes: who has neither an escort nor a transport box with them will need help accommodating their baby safely in the car.

Here, the cat should be safely accommodated, and the transport should be comfortable and as stress-free as possible. In addition, the transport box is needed at the latest for a visit to the vet.

When choosing the correct box, it is important to ensure that the cat has enough space to lie down if necessary and make it comfortable. In addition, the box should be easy to handle and have only a low dead weight. However, not only is a safe transport box important, but also securing it during travel.

The transport box should either be placed in the footwell with only a small amount of clearance or with a firm footing in the back seat. The passenger could also place the cat transport box on their lap to reassure the baby cat while driving. Alternatively, wicker baskets can also be used as a transport option.

cat resting in wicker basket

Litter box and Cat litter

The litter box is one of the most important points regarding the initial equipment for cats. If it is not accepted, you have to expect an unclean cat. Therefore, both the litter box itself and the place where it is placed should be chosen with care.

It is best to ask what type of litter box and what cat litter the baby cat has been used to and use that as a guide. When changing cat litter, you should proceed carefully because velvet paws can sometimes react very sensitively to changes.

Therefore, it is advisable to make a slow change over several weeks and give the cat enough time to get used to it. The same applies to the litter box: the kitten may only be used to a shallow bowl without a hood. A litter box with a high rim may be an obstacle for the little kitten. However, a model with a low entrance could be chosen in this case.

If the litter box is placed in the wrong location, acceptance problems may arise. The litter box should be accessible at all times, and an undisturbed visit should be possible. If you have decided to have more than one cat, each cat needs its own litter box.

Domestic ginger cat looking at litter box. Hygiene for pets.

Rule of thumb for the number of cat litter boxes:
One litter box more than cats living in the household.

In the beginning, I had only two litter boxes for two cats because they were still tiny, and I knew they were used to sharing a toilet with the other two siblings and their mother.

The reason why they say that one toilet is always needed more than cats is quite simple: cats are very particular. They, therefore, like to separate urinating from defecating or not going to the toilet that another cat already uses.

Therefore it makes sense to trust this rule.

At least Two Feeding Bowls for your Cat

Each cat needs at least two bowls – a food bowl and a drinking bowl. However, they should not be placed directly next to each other. Because this increases the risk that the remains of the food get into the water bowl and lead to contamination.

This can hardly happen if the cat licks its tongue twice over its mouth before drinking. So it is best to place two or three drinking bowls in the apartment, especially when feeding dry food. There are also velvet paws that love to drink running water directly from the tap – ideal are also drinking fountains, whose splashing encourages drinking.

cat pulls his paw to a bowl of food

Drinking Bowl and Water Fountain for Cats

Besides the standard drinking bowls, I suggest you use a drinking fountain. Many cats prefer running water. And since you certainly do not want to turn on the tap for your cat constantly, a drinking fountain is a great way to encourage the pelt noses to drink.

Whether you really need a drinking fountain can only be determined over time when you see how your cat accepts the water from a bowl. Our cat Nala, for example, loves to use the drinking fountain.

With the drinking fountain, you also will have puddles on the floor less often because the drinking bowl has been knocked over or jerked back and forth.

Cat Tree and Sleeping Facilities for Your Cat

For apartment cats, a cat tree often represents the center of their lives. It serves as a place to sleep, a vantage point and a place to retreat. In addition, they can sharpen their claws on it and use it for climbing.

For all this to work smoothly, it should be well made and set up so that it cannot tip over – ideally in a place where the cat can catch a perfect all-around view. The better this is, the less she will have to rely on other places.

Still, it makes sense to offer your baby cat an additional sleeping basket, lay a blanket on the couch and provide a vantage point on the windowsill. Observe your baby cat where it prefers to stay and create a comfortable spot here.

Maybe you have a balcony that she likes to go to. In this case, a protective net is recommended to safeguard against falls. Keep in mind, however, that if you are renting, you will have to ask the landlord for permission before installing it.

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Comfortable Sleeping & Lounging Places for the Cat

Cuddle places in the form of cribs, blankets or pillows are also part of the basic equipment for me so that your cat can feel comfortable in the new home! However, many cats also like to lie somewhere else – on the sofa, chair, bed, etc.

I have already bought a few cat beds, which were left to the left for the most part and only, after many months or even years, found their raison d’être.

But here and there, creating a few places to lie can still not hurt at the beginning. Especially in winter, a cozy cat bed by the heater is much appreciated.

Cat in Bed

Sufficient Toys and Activity Opportunities for the Cat

The initial equipment for cats, of course, includes toys. For outdoor cats, this is less important because they can sufficiently satisfy their instincts on their tours.

Apartment cats, on the other hand, are happy to have a lot of variety. You can provide this through toys like:

Many cats love to sneak up and make attacks. But, every now and then, let the cat win, too. Otherwise, frustration might set in while playing.


After you have provided bowls and Co., of course the food is still missing. Initially, I recommend that you continue to feed the food the cat has already received. The adjustment in the new home is already difficult enough for your cat, so he has at least his usual food.

However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the previous food, you can of course get high-quality wet and dry food and try out what your cat likes to eat.

Wet food is usually the better choice for your cat’s main meals. Although, which brands and varieties you want to feed you must ultimately decide for yourself, there are numerous sources on the Internet to inform yourself about the optimal cat food.

But dry food is also used – especially for the employment of the cat. Thus, this is also part of the initial equipment for your cat. With the Super Premium Dry Cat Food from Rachael* you can do absolutely nothing wrong. But, of course, it depends again on your cat’s preferences.

Treats for cat

To facilitate the contact between you and the newcomer at the beginning, having a few treats ready is quite advisable.

Checklist – Initial Equipment for my Cat

Useful Everyday Helpers for Living with a Cat

In addition to the obvious products for your first equipment, I recommend one or the other everyday helper living with cats. This includes a brush, appropriate safety measures in your home, and a good disinfectant in case something goes wrong.


In the pet store you will probably stumble upon the section where fur care products are sold. In case you get kittens, you don’t necessarily need a brush in the beginning. Most kittens lose very little hair anyway, which will come over time as they get older.

However, you could get your kittens used to brushing right from the start, so that they know it from an early age and don’t run away in panic later on. There are several choices when it comes to brushing, from wire brushes to natural hair and nylon bristles to grooming gloves, there’s probably just about everything.

What of it all is good and works best, I can not tell you in detail, because I have not tried everything. However, we bought a wire brush and a two-sided brush with wire tips and nylon bristles at the time, but we weren’t really satisfied with either of them in the end. And neither were the cats.

Brushing Cat Fur on the Bed


On the subject of hair, one more very important thing comes to mind: Lint Rollers! It’s best to buy several, because you will need them sooner or later.

Alternatively, rubber gloves are also great for removing cat hair. Especially for larger or uneven surfaces.

We use the lint rollers mostly on our clothes and the rubber gloves to remove hair from the cat’s bed. Works great, be sure to try it out!


What is often forgotten is a disinfectant. For example, if your cat urinates, defecates or vomits in your home, you should remove it immediately and thoroughly disinfect the spot and the area around it.

This will prevent the spread of germs and keep your cat from thinking this is a good place to do that.

We have had good experiences with the disinfectant ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator.* It’s great for permanently removing unpleasant odors. And pee stains on the sofa smell extremely unpleasant.


I also recommend Feliway*. This is an artificial pheromone, which is available as an atomizer for the socket or as a spray for on the way. We got both, so that the cats are calmer during transport and get used to their new environment faster.

How well this really helps is hard to say. Personally, I have usually noticed little difference, but of course I have no comparison with how it would have been without Feliway. But I have heard and read all kinds of positive reviews and feedback from other cat parents.

In addition, veterinarians often recommend Feliway. So it can’t be that wrong. But, on the other hand, maybe you should try it yourself and form your own opinion.


Something that has also “moved in” with us only later, is a cat pharmacy. In the beginning, your cats should of course be healthy all around, but it can always be that something happens in everyday life.

Be it a deep scratch, a tense mood or another little ache. A well-stocked cat pharmacy can provide quick relief.

I have already shown you what should include such a Cat Pharmacy in detail in another blog post. So just take a look at it.

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