Are you a dog lover who is struggling between your love for a pet and a very busy schedule or social life? Perhaps, you want a dog of your own, but you’re discouraged by the fact that you work all day and can’t be there for your pet all the time.

You might have a lot of questions on your mind, will you be able to make your dog comfortable when you’re away? Will you be a terrible dog parent if you have a dog at home while you’re busy most of the day?

This post will be answering some of your questions, beginning with the fact that you can actually make your dog comfortable in your absence, and having a dog when you’re busy doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Many people have successfully handled their full-time jobs and pet parenting perfectly because they had the right strategies.

However, the age of your puppy is also a determining factor – because the needs of a puppy often depend on its age, and also determines how much effort you need to make and how present you should be in the life of your pet.

Here are 10 tips that can help you balance your work and dog care schedule:

Prevent Separation Anxiety

One of the most important things to do when balancing dog care and your work is to ensure that you prevent separation anxiety and the stress that comes with it. 

The way to do that is to ensure that you don’t make your partings emotional when you’re leaving the house. Instead of dramatic separations that make your pet miss you more, simply give them something to play with while you prepare to leave.

You can also have a simple routine when you’re leaving, such as picking up your keys and putting on your jacket. When this happens, your pet knows you are leaving.

How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog

Use Puzzles and Toys

You can ensure that your pet is busy and active while you’re at work and not crying over your absence when you give it all the mental stimulation it needs while you’re away.

Purchase pet toys, puzzles, and treat toys for your pets so that they can fight boredom while waiting for you to return. You should study your dog’s temperament to be sure of the game that they will love.

If your pet loves to forage, you can get them snuffle mats, just as you can purchase treat toys that can be chewed for dogs who love to chew. If your pet is really sharp, get them to solve puzzles.

Automate Food and Water Dispenser

If you don’t have someone to take care of your dog when you’re away and ensure that it gets its food and water at the right time, you don’t need to bother so much because you can now invest in automated solutions for both.

Your pet probably eats several times a day and needs to take water several times. When you purchase an automated food and water dispenser, you will be assured that your pet gets its food and water at the time you have set. That way, you know your pet will never go hungry or thirsty in your absence.

Water dispenser for dogs

A Automatic Water Dispenser is a great help to Balance your Work and Dog Care

Check-In during your free time

If your workplace is close enough for you to make commutes during your break, this is a perfect opportunity to thrill your pet with your presence, spend some time with it, and even bring your dog a treat for being good while you were away.

Even if you can’t make it from work and back, technology has made it so that you can chat with your dog on a dog camera, monitor its activities, and automate a treat system with which you can give your pet a treat during the day.

Work with the schedule of other family members

It is easier to keep your pet company while you’re away if you live with family members. You can adjust your timetable with those of your family members such that, while you’re heading out, someone might be returning from their work or daily activities, or even stopping by for lunch. 

If you have people moving in and out of the house at different intervals, your dog won’t be lonely at all because it gets to enjoy the company of different people, even if for short periods.

Get two Dogs

Owning one pet can be a lot already, so having two is even more work for you, but there is a benefit to it, and that’s the company you provide to both pets. 

Just as kids feel less bored when they have siblings to eat, play, and sleep with, your dog will fare better if it has another dog in its space, carrying out activities together. 

However, to ensure that friendship, you’ll need to prepare everything for two, such as food for two, games for two, and also the right environment for both dogs to comfortably thrive.

Get a Dog Sitter

Just as we have nannies who look after kids when parents are at work, we also have people who can come into your home and watch your pet while you’re away.

It could be a young friend who is studying at home or out of school, or an elder person who has time on their hands to watch your puppy all day. You could even get someone who works from home to have your pet around while they’re working.

You could either take your pet to their place on your way to work and pick them up after or have them come into your house to be with your pet.

Sign up at a Doggie Daycare

If you can’t find someone to take care of pets in your home or theirs, and you also don’t feel comfortable leaving them home alone, whether because of their age or temperament, then a daycare center for dogs is your next best option.

Doggie daycares are great for pets that need a lot of social interaction as they get to interact with other dogs under the monitoring of trained professionals. However, if your pet would rather be alone, this might not be the best option for it.

Most daycare centers require your dog to be fully vaccinated before they can take your pet in. Similarly, you should ensure those in charge of the daycare centers are professionals.

Get a Dog Walker

If you’re the parent to a very active dog that needs to walk, run, or move about often, then it might not be a good idea to leave them indoors throughout the period you’re away.

Instead, you need to get a dog walker who will come around at least once a day to take your dog for a walk or a round of exercise. That way, they can remain active even in your absence, socialize with their walker and other pets, and get a good dose of fresh air.

Make every free time count

Take advantage of every moment you have with your pet when you’re not working and have fun with your dog to keep the bond alive. Every time you close from work should be a positive reunion, and you can spend the time relaxing with your pet, playing games, taking walks, and doing whatever you and your pet can both enjoy.

Spend weekends and evenings with your pet, whether you are indoors or going shopping, or visiting and socializing with friends. This way, they feel connected to you and don’t feel neglected despite your busy work schedule.


With these tips, you can take good care of your pet, even with a busy schedule. Many people have done it and succeeded, and you can too if you put your mind to it.

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