Do you have any pets at home, such as hamsters, turtles, ferrets, or even a tortoise? These unique creatures need specialised heating and the correct amount of misting. Puppies need round-the-clock attention and need to go outside every hour on the hour. Will the kennel provide you with such service? What about an elderly or sick dog that needs extremely specific care, such as walking more slowly or receiving injections of medication?

This article will provide you some recommendations to assist your pets receive complete attention day and night. If you need a professional pet sitter who specializes in animal care to provide the finest possible care for your pet while you are away, this guide will give you some tips to help you choose one.

Whether you are going away for the holidays, on a business trip, or on vacation, I want you to have a nice time and not have to worry about who will be caring for your pet while you are gone by providing you with these guidelines. If you follow them, your pet will be in good hands while you are gone.

What Services Do Pet Sitters Provide?

All Pet Sitters offer different services. This can include providing care in a pet sitter’s home/office or yours for almost any animal. Some pet sitter also offers potty Training. You want to find a pet sitter who takes it more than boarding. He/she should play, love, and care for your pets like he/she would do with his/her own pets so the love and attention never stop; Which is not provided in a boarding facility.

Please Note, that some pet sitters do not accept aggressive breeds such as all Pit breeds, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Wolf Hybrid, Chow Chow, American Bulldog, Tosa, Presa Canario, American Stafford Bull Terrier (mastiff for large amounts of drool). Make sure to communicate with the pet sitter before any decision.

For cats, dogs, exotics, reptiles, and small mammals, standard visits can include feeding and watering your pet and playtime. Also includes cleaning the litter box, securing your home, collecting your mail, alternating lights, and watering house plants.​

You should consider In-home personal care for older dogs who may need timely medicine or puppies who need around-the-clock care.

Extra pay services can include

  • add a shampoo
  • add a walk
  • add a flea bath

For horses, cows & livestock, the pet sitter can feed and water your pet. Other needs can be added for additional fees such as cleaning a horse stall and exercise.

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Sitters?

Finding the right dog sitter for your pup can often seem like an overwhelming task.  There is such a tremendous variety of options that sifting through them can be tough.  However, there are a few broad categories to consider when looking for the right sitter, and understanding these options will help you get started.

  • Professional Petsitter: A traditional professional pet sitter will come to your home and watch your animals in their own environment.  This person normally has training in some basic animal health and safety like pet CPR and first aid and is often bonded and insured.  You can expect a high level of professionalism and competence, but also often quite often a price tag to match.
  • Dog Boarding Facility / Kennel: A traditional kennel has lots of capacity and a facility with amenities like open space for exercise time, and sometimes pools or fields.  Your dog will have the opportunity to be social with other dogs as well.  Kennels, however, can often leave your dog caged for longer than he or she is used to, and can also be quite expensive.
  • Cage-Free Boarding Facility: This kind of facility is often run out of someone’s home and involved many dogs staying at a home at one time.  Dogs, again, have the opportunity to be social and are often not constrained by a cage.  However, since owners are often not professionals, there is some risk involved that dogs could get into antagonistic situations.  These facilities are often significantly cheaper than professional kennels.
  • Non-professional dog-friendly home: This is a new option entering the market, where websites allow non-professional dog-loving homes to come together and take care of each other’s dogs.  A novel concept, your dog’s temporary home and family are often much like yours, keeping your canine friend happy and loved.  However, there is always a risk associated with non-professional sitters, and you should evaluate the family thoroughly if you elect this option.

What If I Want A Pet Sitter To Stay At My House Overnight?

Some Pet Sitters will offer this service so it’s always good to call and ask for exactly what you need.

Will My Sitter Have Tons Of Dogs In Her Home When I Arrive?

Again, every sitter is different. Most pet sitters have a 4-5 dog max limit so to give the best care possible which also promotes less stress on the pet.

Is It A Good Idea To Meet My Sitter Before Dropping My Pet?

Yes!, you should always meet your sitter in person. You wouldn’t leave your child with someone you didn’t meet, would you? You should feel comfortable with the pet sitter and his/her home. The pet sitter will want to meet your pet so he/she can check its personality, aggression level fears etc.

Should My Pet Sitter Own Pets?

This is strictly up to you, and your pet. It can be helpful if the pet sitter has owned a lot of pets and is very experienced with many animals including horses, dogs, cats, farm animals, exotics – and esp your pet type. You should understand whether your pet is shy or very sociable with other pets around.

Should I Ask For References From The Pet Sitter?

Yes! most definitely you should ask for references and if they cannot provide them I suggest you look elsewhere. A professional sitter will gladly give you information and not hide things.

What Are Some Red Flags To Look For In A Sitter?

I personally think if they have a full-time job that is not pet sitting I would be worried. Who is watching your pet while they work? Who is letting your pet outside when they work? Will they be outside all day? Do they live in an apartment? Will your dog have the right amount of exercise? Is their home large enough to accommodate a few pets? Does the pet sitter crate dogs, or do it unless they urinate or become aggressive?

What is the hygiene of the home? Is the backyard pure dirt? Does it smell like dog poo when you walk in the door? Is the pet sitter’s home big enough for your large pet? Is there a huge dog park nearby? A responsible pet sitter properly will disinfect daily 🙂

Experience is a must! please make sure your sitter has the experience required for all breeds and the animals being cared for.

How Will I Know My Pet Is Being Cared For Properly?

This is why a meet/greet is a necessity! Make sure you have a good feeling before leaving your pet! Ask the pet sitter to send video/picture text daily of all of your pets on their pet progress. Only you know when something doesn’t feel quite right so use your own judgment. I pray you will find the best sitter possible for you and your pet!

Checklist For A Pet Sitter When You Are Away

You have probably never given much thought to just how much time and effort you put into your pet’s good health and happiness. We have! 

When you are gone, many things have to be done on a daily basis to make certain your pets are safe, secure, comfortable, and happy.  Here is a 26 point checklist for pet sitter every time he/she visits with their pets.

  • Sanitizing to reduce illness & disease
  • Releasing your security system
  • Bringing in the newspaper
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Giving each pet clean, freshwater
  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food
  • Make sure each pet eats their food
  • Checking each pet’s condition
  • Administering medication if needed
  • Checking on the welfare of shy or reclusive pets
  • Restoring the supplies in the proper places
  • Giving treats (if they are allowed)
  • Cleaning up any “accidents” or messes that may occur
  • Poop-scoop the yard
  • Watering the Plants
  • Having playtime with each pet
  • Cleaning the litter boxes
  • Maintaining a comfort level in the home that you set
  • Checking all internal and external doors and windows
  • Monitoring the condition of the home
  • Ensuring the house fence perimeter is secure
  • Changing the lighting arrangement
  • Make sure pets are in their proper placeMaking notes for the owners
  • Re-locking the house
  • Restoring the security system

You do most of these things automatically when you are home.  But isn’t it comforting to know that someone is going to go through a Checklist each day and do them for you while you’re away?

Bonus pet tips:

What To Remind My Pet Sitter During Christmas Vacation?

Did you know that poinsettias are very toxic to animals? Yes! So please be sure you and your sitter are very careful with harmful plants this Christmas and let’s keep our pets safe!

Summer Is Almost Here! What Is The Most Thing I Dread You Ask? 

That’s right, fleas! These pesky creatures can cause extreme damage. Please use a monthly flea treatment this year and go the extra mile and treat your yard too. This will make for a happy pet! Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

When To Walk The Dog During Summer?

High summer means warm sunny days filled with ice cream, long walks, and summer holidays.

But, let’s paws for a minute.  Would you go out in this heat, walking on the road in your bare feet?  No…? Then think about your pet who has to do exactly that.

We recommend NOT walking your dog during the hottest part of the day, giving the road a chance to cool down by walking either early morning or late evening.  By each event, do touch the road with your bare hand to make sure it is cool enough.  If it burns you, it will most certainly burn your dog.

Another option is to get your dog used to wear booties or shoes! Happy summer!

What Are The Best Dog Potty Training Tips For My Pet Sitter(And Me)?

The first rule of thumb in potty training your dog is to BE CONSISTENT! There are many good ways to potty train a dog but that is the worst thing you can do is take it outside every hour then the next day leaves the dog inside all day and wonder what’s wrong. Your puppy doesn’t understand your schedule so you have to set boundaries for your dog. So, be consistent. 

My personal tactics are taking your dog outside every hour and placing your pet in the grass. Wait for it to potty and give lots of praise! Then remove the pet from outside so it can relate that outside means potty time, not playtime.

It can be hard at first but if you are consistent, it will pay off! After your dog is fully potty trained then you can allow your pet playtime outside. Getting up in the middle of the night is part of that consistency. If you have further questions please email me I am always happy to help a parent in need! good luck!

Do you have a horse that needs daily exercise?
A Chameleon that needs daily misting?
How about a rare Gouldian Finch?

A professional pet sitter can care for your horses or even ride for you, nurse a breeding Gouldian Finch back to health after being egg bound, hand-fed bearded dragons and iguana’s, and more…

I believe every animal deserves the best care possible. Animals are God’s creations, not properties, not objects, but the best of His awesome creations. We shall cherish every creature the Lord has made.

Animals are God’s precious gifts and we should treat them with the utmost respect. Ask questions, If I have not given you the right answer I will find the answer for you. I wish you all the luck to find the best pet sitter who will make sure your pet has the least amount of stress possible.


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