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Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the largest of all purebred cats and has a powerful, muscular body and strong legs. The head of the Maine Coon has an angular mouth, and the ears are wide at the base and large.

The coat is long and thick and consists of an undercoat under a dense, glossy all-weather topcoat. The hair of these pedigreed cats is shorter on the head, neck and shoulders and longer on the back, sides and tail. The coat on the belly and hind legs are full and shaggy.

The Maine Coon has a ruff that begins at the base of the ears and is more pronounced in males than in cats. The hair on the tail is long and flowing. The ears have lynx tufts. The paws are also fluffy and look like snowshoes. The Maine Coon comes in 30 or more color varieties. The eyes can be green, golden or copper – in white cats; the eyes are sometimes blue or different colors.

The Character of the Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are good-natured, playful and friendly. They enjoy human company and are known among cat lovers as lovely pets. Possibly because of their humble origins, they are often found sleeping in the oddest places.

They like to be outside, so they need opportunities to pursue hunting games and to climb. Maine Coons are known for their pleasant, quiet chirping.

Adorable Maine Coon Kitten
Adorable Maine Coon Kitten

Origin of the Maine Coon

Country of Origin: USA

The ancestors of the Maine Coon were long-haired cats that came to the US state of Maine with sailors in the 1850s. These cats mated with the resident shorthair cats. 

The offspring were large, powerfully built cats with semi-long coats and brush-like tails reminiscent of raccoons, hence the name Maine Coon. The cats developed thick, dense coats to withstand Maine’s extreme winters.

Special shows for Maine Coon cats existed as early as the 1860s, and the breed became very popular among cat lovers as pets. In the 1980s, Maine Coon cats came to Great Britain and the rest of Europe.


The pedigreed cat seems to have a high prevalence of heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as well as hip dysplasia. Ask the breeder about these diseases before you decide on a kitten.


Every cat is unique and has individual preferences when it comes to cat food. Depending on age or lifestyle, certain nutrients are especially important. You can determine these with the body condition guide.


Even though they have quite long coats, Maine Coons can groom them well themselves but also need frequent assistance to keep them in top condition. As with all cats, regular vaccinations and parasite treatments are recommended.

Maine Coon – Suitable Breed for Children?

Although this breed of cat usually does well with children, it should be noted that each cat develops its own traits based on experience and upbringing. If you are planning to adopt a cat from a breeder or shelter, get detailed information about its character in advance.


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