Bad breath in dogs can have many causes. In addition to improper nutrition and poor oral hygiene, bad dog breath can also be caused by a disease. If your four-legged friend is ill, the veterinarian must determine what it is.

Here you can learn more about possible diseases that can be associated with bad breath.

First, let’s say that bad breath is often temporary, such as when your dog has picked up feces, garbage or carrion while on a walk. However, if the foul breath refuses to go away and it is not due to diet, the following conditions could be a possibility.

Bad breath due to diseases in the mouth and throat area

Diseases of the mouth and throat are among the most common causes of a dog’s foul-smelling mouth. Bacteria accumulation on teeth and gums can be the reason for the stink – in this case, thorough and regular dental care helps.

If too many bacteria are permanently present in the mouth and even enter the bloodstream from there, serious illnesses such as organ damage can result.

Eczema, such as mucinous eczema, is also a cause of bad breath. This is inflamed skin folds in the mouth. If your cold-snouted dog has injured himself on a piece of bone, for example, bacteria can settle there and cause foul-smelling inflammations.

Organ and metabolic diseases possible

Bad breath can also be an indication that your dog is seriously ill. For example, diseases of the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart or of the metabolism may be behind the stench. This includes tumors or diabetes.

The type of bad breath can provide information about a possible disease. If the dog’s mouth smells foul, dental caries or a festering tooth could be at the root. If it smells like carrion and decay, ailments such as tartar, mucosal eczema, or inflammation of the gums or oral mucosa are likely.

For an ammonia-like or urine-like odor, the cause is often kidney disease. If it smells bitter, it may come from the stomach (gastritis). A fruit-like odor may indicate diabetes. Whether your four-legged friend is ill, and if so, how serious it is, should always be examined by a veterinarian.

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